Faith Comes By Hearing

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How are they to hear…the need today to share the gospel with a broken world is as great as it has ever been, however the challenges faced… Read more FBH Winter Update March 2020

Meet an Arab World Responder

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“My heart is to see people not only coming to Christ, but to get rooted in His word and know the Lord in a very strong way. We are facing a big challenge now as so many Muslim background believers are living the new faith in Christ, but with a Muslim mentality and mistaken ideas

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Be Motivated!

My HopeStreamRadio program, called “The Spirit Acts,” traces the expansion of the early church. As we reflect on that, we find five motivations for ourselves. 1. Truth Sadly, in our culture, truth is not the most important thing. Yet, the reason the book of Acts was written and the reason why the apostles were so

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10th Anniversary Celebration

From February 13 to 20, I had the privilege of being in Mexico City for a missions conference/celebration of the 10th anniversary of FBH’s ministry to Latin America. In February 2007 we began broadcasting on one radio station in Mexico City. Now, we have more than 100 stations broadcasting the program as well as having

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