Donald Moffatt

FBH International has existed since the early 1950s. Over the years it has experienced several major changes. From Donald Moffatt’s vision for a local broadcast to an organization with a board of directors with a drive for global mission. Through all these changes, one thing has remained. Those behind the program have always seen it primarily as an evangelistic effort. The goal has always been to introduce people to the Lord Jesus Christ and then to nourish them in their walk of faith.

Arnot McIntee

It was under Arnot McIntee’s direction (beginning in 1955) that the ministry grew to have international impact. Early in his tenure, he began to equip a studio where “Family Bible Hour” programs could be recorded. The first place was the basement of the McIntee home. In the 1970’s, Arnot leased a commercial space on King Street in St. Catharines which moved the ministry along a more professional trajectory. This space provided administrative and financial offices as well as a studio.

Arnot continued to serve until 1995 – completing 40 years of service to the Lord through “Family Bible Hour.” During this time, the gospel was broadcast in more than twenty languages in various parts of the world as opportunities presented themselves. In 1994, Arnot accepted Trans World Radio’s “International Broadcasting Award.” The wording on the award fits him perfectly as he exhibited an “exemplary spirit and commitment to communicating God’s word to the world by radio.” It is not surprising that the names “Arnot McIntee” and “Family Bible Hour” are inseparable in the minds of radio listeners around the world.

  • The first program was broadcast October 14, 1951 on radio station CJON, as the “Newfoundland Gospel Hour,” with founder, producer and host Donald Moffatt.
  • In 1955, the base of operation was moved to St. Catharines, Ontario and the program’s name was changed to “Family Bible Hour.”
  • A board made up of interested believers was formed in 1954 to provide guidance and support. Family Bible Hour was incorporated in 1962.
  • In 1958, it began its first international language broadcast (Japanese) and since that time has been heard in more than 20 different languages as opportunities have arisen.
  • Family Bible Hour productions are now heard in several languages and cover about 80% of the world’s land masses by radio and the internet.
  • Over the years, listeners from more than 60 countries have responded to the program.
  • In 2003, the board created some distance between the radio program “Family Bible Hour” and the corporation by operating under the name “FBH International.”
  • FBH International now works with Arab World Media, Far East Broadcasting and some independent radio producers in taking the gospel around the world.
  • In February 2015, our English mission took on the form of an online radio station. HopeStreamRadio provides 2 hours of fresh programming each day on the stream with over 7000 programs currently available to listen on demand or download.