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Orphans living in institutions. Some have been abandoned by parents who are financially unable to care for them. Others are war orphans. Workers report that government funding is limited because of the military activity.

My wife wants to divorce me and we have two little children

Pert from Chernovtsy: Thank you very much for your broadcasts that led me to the Lord! I listen to FBH programs regularly because they give me strength and help me in my life. I have learned many things from you and I try to live according to God’s commandments. Because I am a Christian now, my wife wants to divorce me and we have two little children. Please pray that God will protect our marriage and for salvation for my wife.

I am not a Christian yet, but I like your programs

Irina from Chernovtsy: Recently I lost my husband who was 51 years old. He was a professional cardiologist and saved many lives. Now I feel that I need God like never before. I began listening to FBH broadcasts and now attend an evangelical church. I am not a Christian yet but I like your programs very much. Thank you for your wonderful sermons! I believe that FBH broadcasts will give me comfort and strength.

The Ukrainian economy is weak compared to countries in the West. Most people do not earn more than $375 (Can) per month.

In the Western part of the country, gospel work goes on largely unimpeded.

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No one has ever offered me this in my 28 years. And I need it!

Recently Victor had a heartbreaking conversation with a taxi driver in Kiev, who was a war veteran. The young man, hardened by war, broke down when Victor asked him if he could pray for him. “No one has ever offered me this in my 28 years” he said. “And I need it, I need it!” he kept repeating.


Ukrainians infected with HIV/AIDS due to injection drug use translating to one of the highest infection rates in the world.

No one else speaks about love to us

Response from the war zone in Ukraine where soldiers have had radio’s distributed to them to listen to FEBC programs like Family Bible Hour: “It is so wonderful to hear that someone understands our pain. No one else speaks about love to us. No one: No one speaks about the importance of protecting our families, but FEBC. You don’t know how much your programs mean to us. Many soldiers who never thought about God before, pray as they listen to the radio. Thank you.”