HopeStreamRadio is a Christian internet radio station that provides daily programming to English‑speaking Christians around the world to encourage them in their relationship with the Lord and inform them about the work God is doing around the world.

Launched February 1, 2015

HopeStreamRadio’s goal is to raise the profile of FBH International among English-speaking Christians, while ministering to them.

Listener in Northern Ontario

HopeStreamRadio is a breath of fresh air — an evenly balanced combination of music and discussion that challenges, encourages, and informs me.

65+ Producers

Listener in the Niagara Peninsula

Saturday is my best day to listen to HopeStreamRadio. Fortunately, that’s the day you replay many of the weeks programs for us. I’m always blessed and sometimes challenged. I’d identify a favourite program, but that keeps changing. Keep up the good work.

Listener in South Western Ontario

HopeStreamRadio is the break I need on any given day. Tuning in helps me to ponder, reflect and focus on what really counts. It often serves as a reminder to be still, even for a moment, and make sure my day is aligned with the things of God. I really appreciate both the live stream and the way I can select individual programs 24/7. A good family-friendly station that keeps me refreshed in the Word!

10,000+ Programs

HopeStreamRadio.com includes close to 10,000 programs on its website.

Listener in BC

I cannot tell you how perfect this message was for my current situation. The Lord works all things for our good. I am so thankful and filled with the sense of His loving presence at this moment.

Listener in Alberta

In “Walking with Hope ,” Wendy McDonald paints wonderful word pictures, sharing stories from her life, and draws application to how I can walk with hope in my life with Jesus. “The Pensive Mr. Howlett” almost always makes me smile as I listen to his stories of life in the city and the country. Don Salmans’ program “God’s Extravagant Love” challenges me about how I respond to the people around me.

Online and Apps

HopeStreamRadio apps are available for Android and Apple.

Listener in Southern Ontario

I was able to listen quite a bit last week. Enjoyed new contributors as well as old standbys. I was glad to hear Rebecca Hughes – always appreciate her. Brad Hewey’s Mistakes item was great too. The Pensive Mr Howlett is a favourite. All the contributors are a blessing – thought provoking & practical in many ways. I appreciate the variety of topics addressed, even some that many would shy away from.

Wide Variety of Programming

HopeStreamRadio airs a wide variety of programming including: devotionals, testimonies, teaching, interviews, church life, family life, creative writing and more.