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Roman Catholicism

Has been the state religion of most Latin American countries, though in the last fifty years a trend to freedom of religion has taken hold. Only Costa Rica continues to give the Roman Catholic Church official status.

Latin Americans who leave the Catholic church do so in favour of Evangelical Protestantism or atheism.

The UN identifies Latin America as the region in the world with the greatest wealth inequality. It is home to some of both the richest and poorest people on earth.


Radio stations in Spanish-speaking communities in Latin America, Europe and the US air “Clasificación A.” You can listen by clicking here.

Only 25%

Of self-identified Roman Catholics are faithful in carrying out the observances of the Church.

Latin America is broadly diverse with a wide variety of ancestries, ethnic groups, and races united by their shared use of Spanish. Much intermarriage between people of already mixed backgrounds often makes sharp dividing lines next to impossible.


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Nathan Díaz produces expositional programs in Spanish for us, but also addresses specific current issues that crop up from time to time

For example, in the days following an earthquake, Nathan produced a program answering questions about how natural disasters fit together with God’s plan.


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