Ron Hughes

Ron’s full-time ministry began in 1983 when he and his wife, Debbie, were commended by Edmison Heights Bible Chapel to the Lord’s work in Ecuador.  They served there together for 10 years. For the first eight years they worked in Shell, where Ron operated a recording studio built by Elwood Vardy.  He produced many albums of Christian music, radio specials, and video productions, some of these the first of their kind in two indigenous languages.  In 1991, Ron, Debbie and their children moved to Quito where Ron taught several courses in the Bible institute run by one of the local churches in the city.  Together they were involved in church planting and discipleship activities.

In 1993, they returned to Canada in response to an invitation of the FBH board of the time so Ron could work alongside Arnot McIntee, then president of the ministry. In 1995, Arnot retired from active work with the board and Ron assumed responsibility. He writes and produces program material for use by the international producers, creates videos and other on-line material, and promotes the ministry among interested believers.

Deborah Piggott

Deborah is ministry support coordinator and joined the ministry in 2003. She has a variety of roles including preparation of the promotional materials like the prayer bulletin, interacting with donors, audio editing, hosting our weekly podcast “Faith by Hearing,” and covering some of the publishing chores around the office. She is also the frontline person as radio listeners and web visitors request spiritual encouragement.




Stephen March

Stephen joined FBH International as Operations Director in July 2018. After receiving a broadcasting diploma from Niagara College he worked as an audio recorder and editor for a local video post production company. Stephen, an elder at Scottlea Gospel Chapel in St. Catharines, and his wife Corinne have 4 young children. Stephen is responsible for the development of FBH’s English on-line radio ministry, HopeStreamRadio.

Board of Directors

Ross Clark, Herb McClelland, Crawford Paul, Viji Roberts, and Doug Stubbs serve as the board of directors of the ministry on a volunteer basis. They provide counsel and accountability in the overall operation and are legally responsible for the ministry.