10th Anniversary Celebration

From February 13 to 20, I had the privilege of being in Mexico City for a missions conference/celebration of the 10th anniversary of FBH’s ministry to Latin America. In February 2007 we began broadcasting on one radio station in Mexico City. Now, we have more than 100 stations broadcasting the program as well as having a website and mobile apps where all 474 programs produced thus far are available.

As on past visits, I was spiritually refreshed to be among the believers in the Cuajimalpa area of the city. The assembly where our producer, Nathan Díaz, fellowships, and serves as an elder, is strongly supportive of our ministry and I spent most of my time there. Although some are dealing with big challenges, their love for the Lord and desire to follow Him faithfully is heartening (and challenging).

At the mid-week prayer meeting, about 85 men, women, and children gathered for the 2-hour service. We prayed both altogether and in smaller groups, and while local needs were brought before the Lord, much prayer focused on missions and the church around the world. After I reported on the work of FBH International, I had the opportunity to answer questions—several of which had to do with how individuals could become more involved in missions.

Read more of the newsletter in the attached PDF.

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